About Green Tree Profits

A technologically advanced and intuitive platform giving traders a streamlined Bitcoin trading experience.

The Beginning of Green Tree Profits

Green Tree Profits came into being when two like-minded forex traders came together to share their vision of the future of Bitcoin trading and turned a dream into reality. The two traders had spent years trading in multiple financial markets, but they knew from the start that there was nothing quite like Bitcoin.

While trading in conventional financial markets, these seasoned traders realized that their trading strategies and knowledge were not limited to stocks, indices, and forex currency pairs. After a few tests, they had become sure of the fact that they could extrapolate their knowledge to create a one of a kind Bitcoin trading platform.

They sat together for long hours to bring their knowledge of trading, compile their best trading strategies in one place, and develop an education academy to share their skill with others. By the start of 2015, they were getting people onboard who shared their vision and could technologically turn all of their knowledge into a trading platform.

It was in the June of 2016 they finally launched the platform that was like a digital version of their trading brains. Since them, the platform is available to every person who is interested in Bitcoin trading, no matter their experience.

The Reason for Creating Green Tree Profits

Years after its launch in 2009, Bitcoin was still a beast whose nature was not known to many. People were fascinated by it but they didn’t consider it an ‘opportunity’ to be able to trade Bitcoin. The founders of Green Tree Profits were sure that this skepticism stemmed from their lack of understanding of how to trade Bitcoin.

Their reason for putting years of efforts together was to show people that they could efficiently trade Bitcoin, easily track this crypto asset, and modify their conventional trading strategies to make Bitcoin a part of their trading portfolio. Today, Green Tree Profits gives traders access to many Bitcoin pairs, allows them to leverage their trades, and get help from a variety of trading tools to make smart trading decisions.

The Green Tree Profits Mission

The mission is to technologically equip traders around the world to include Bitcoin in their trading portfolio and do it in an efficient manner.

The Green Tree Profits Mission