Pure Profit Point

Benefit from the Trading Platform That Facilitates Strategic Bitcoin Trading for New and Experienced Traders.

Pure Profit Point
Pure Profit Point
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What Is Pure Profit Point?

Pure Profit Point is a trading platform designed to facilitate online Bitcoin traders by streamlining their trades, making the process more efficient, and giving them access to the tools they can use for keeping a close watch on market trends. It is a technologically advanced solution that adapts to the modern traders’ trading needs.

The consolidation of many trading aspects in one place makes it an intelligent choice for traders who want to simplify Bitcoin their Bitcoin trading experience. Its intuitive interface lets traders focus on trading without getting lost in difficult to understand dashboards and rigid layouts that traders can’t customize. On the platform, traders can find advanced charts to know the price and volume of trading of any asset.

As soon as a trader signs up with Pure Profit Point, they get in touch with your partnered broker. The trader can then define their trading goals, allowing the partnered broker to pick out the opportunities that align with traders’ objectives.

Traders from any background and with any experience level can sign up with Pure Profit Point by opening a trading account that requires a small initial deposit. This deposit gives traders access to all the trading insights, strategies, Bitcoin pairs, trading tools, and valuable educational material.

The one thing you should know before you sign up with Pure Profit Point and start trading is that you will not be forced to trade with your money from the get go. Instead, you will be able to use a demo account to practice trading with fake money to get a hang of things.

The Typical Trading Journey of a Bitcoin Trader

Many new crypto traders are trading for the first time, which means they haven’t traded any other asset before. They face a big challenge when it comes to beginning their trading journey. In other words, they don’t know where to start. Here’s what your typical crypto trading journey should look like.

Making up Your Mind for Bitcoin Trading

Are you ready to trade Bitcoin? Do you understand the technology and the reasons why you want to trade this particular cryptocurrency? Do you fear losing all your money when you trade Bitcoin? Is this cryptocurrency here to stay?

These are some of the most common questions a crypto trader has in mind before they start trading. It’s okay to be on the fence about it because this marks the start of your learning process. You should start by learning about Bitcoin, how it started, the purpose it started for, and what cryptocurrencies can do in the future.

Signing up to Start Trading

Once you have made up your mind and you are ready to trade Bitcoin, you have to sign up with a platform like Pure Profit Point. After signing up on the platform, you get in touch with a partnered broker that obtains all the information about your primary trading objectives and the goals you have set.

In this phase, the partnered broker makes a record of your preferences and uses their experience to align them with the right trading opportunities.

The more important part is that every trading opportunity pointed out by the partnered broker is based on your permission. They seek your approval before taking any action that could have a direct or indirect impact on your trading portfolio.

You will have to make an initial deposit to activate your trading account and obtain any help from the partnered broker. The initial deposit for signing up on Pure Profit Point is set to $250.

Learning How to Trade Bitcoin

After you have made the initial deposit and interacted with the partnered broker, you will enter the learning phase. You will have plenty of material to learn trading, starting with the basic concepts to advanced trading strategies.

Training alone is not enough to give you the confidence for trading. Therefore, you also have access to a demo account to practice trading. You will get access to the demo account when you sign up with Pure Profit Point. With this account, you can simulate real trades but the money you use is fake, so there is no risk involved.

Executing Trades

After learning how to trade, you are now in a position to execute live trades. You will not put your own money at stake to open and close your trading positions. You have all the necessary price charts, indicators, and signals available to help you with your analysis of the market.

However, the final decision is yours to make. The partnered broker or the platform does not have any influence on your trading decisions, nor can they guarantee you profits or profitability. If you are successful with your trades, you can withdraw your profits using the specified withdrawal process on the platform.

Important Concepts Every Bitcoin Trader Should Know

You will be learning a lot of new jargon and terms when you become a crypto trader. While they are all important to help you make sense of market insights, crypto analysis, and other trading aspects, there are some that you should learn first.

Resistance and Support Level

Resistance and Support Level

These are two of the most important concepts that every crypto trader should know. Your knowledge and understanding of resistance and support level will directly affect your trading decisions.

If you look at Bitcoin’s price chat, you will see that it is constantly moving up and down. As an expert trader, you want to be able to predict when the market will start and stop going up or down. That’s where resistance and support levels come in.

In a market where the price of Bitcoin is going up, you would define resistance level as the point at which it will stop going upward any further. The opposite would be the support level i.e. if the price of Bitcoin is going down, the point beyond which it will stop going down any further is the support level.

An expert trader, once they know Bitcoin has reached its support level, would buy it because they would expect its price to start going up. On the contrary, they would sell Bitcoin once they assume its price has reached the resistance level because now they think the price will start dropping.

The Candlestick Charts

The Candlestick Charts

Candlestick charts might look intimidating when you first look at them. However, once you know what they mean, you will find them quite straightforward. It’s called a candlestick chart because the price movement gives rise to shapes that look like candlesticks.

The candle on the chart has a top whisker and a bottom whisker. The bottom whisker tells you the lowest point the price of Bitcoin has gone in a set timeframe whereas the bottom whisker shows you the opposite.

In between the two whiskers, you have the box that shows you how much the price has moved from opening to closing. You will also notice that the candlesticks have colors wherein red means a downtrend and green means an uptrend in the market.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

These are the two most important methods of analyzing assets in any market. Performing technical and fundamental analysis on Bitcoin can tell you a lot about what you can expect from the market.

Technical analysis means you look at the price data of the asset only. You will analyze the ongoing price, the price in the past, and various patterns that the price of the asset has been forming over the course of time.

Fundamental analysis takes into account the asset itself. You don’t primarily look at the price of the asset, instead you look at the innate value that the asset holds. If you look into the environmental effect of Bitcoin and speculate based on this factor alone, you would be performing fundamental analysis.

What Does It Mean by Streamlined Bitcoin Trading?

As a crypto trader, you would wonder if there is really a good and a bad way to trade Bitcoin. The answer to that would be yes. Here is what streamlined Bitcoin trading really means.

Signup Is Easy

Signup Is Easy

There are many factors that constitute the signup process with a platform. First of all, you should consider the upfront cost you have to pay to be able to use the platform and its trading tools and indicators. Keeping in mind that a lot of crypto traders are young people, the initial deposit should not be too big.

In other words, it should be easy for you to open a trading account and start trading your favorite Bitcoin pairs. The cost you have to pay before trading should not act as an obstacle that keeps you from trading.

One Platform for All Trading Needs

One Platform for All Trading Needs

You should be able to use one platform for all your trading needs. Whether you want to analyze charts, deposit funds in your account, execute trades, or learn trading, you shouldn’t have to switch between different platforms.

All the trading insights, news feeds, indicators, and signals should be available to you on your trading platform. Such convenience gives traders a streamlined Bitcoin trading experience they want to be a part of for a long time.

Leveraged Bitcoin Pairs

Leveraged Bitcoin Pairs

Sometimes, you don’t have enough funds in your account to pull off the trade. That’s where you can leverage your trades. Leverages allow you to contribute only a small portion of the amount needed for that trade.

By putting up only a smart part of the amount required for the trade, you can aim for any Bitcoin pair you want. However, you do want to familiarize yourself with the downsides of leverages before you start using them.

A User-friendly and Intuitive Platform

A User-friendly and Intuitive Platform

The trading platform you use can directly impact your trading experience. If you have a hard time locating various options and knowing the exact process of opening and closing a position, you wouldn’t have such a great time on the platform.

A user-friendly platform is designed to make navigation and usage of the platform convenient for traders. You should be spending more time learning how to trade than figuring out how to use the trading platform.

Why Bitcoin Trading

Sign up with Pure Profit Point and pick a Bitcoin trading strategy that suits you.


Is there a limit on how much I can invest in Bitcoin?

There is no specific limit on the amount you can invest in Bitcoin. Some people think they have to buy at least 1 Bitcoin but that’s not true. You could buy 0.001 Bitcoin if that’s the amount of money you have for exchange.

Do I have to have a bank account to store Bitcoin?

No, you don’t have to have a bank account to store Bitcoin. Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are stored on a crypto wallet. This wallet can be online or completely offline. The wallet belongs to you and you only.

Bitcoin is illegal in some countries. Does it mean it’s not investable?

A very few countries have gone to the extent of making Bitcoin illegal. But you also have countries like Australia and Japan where Bitcoin is considered legal tender. Most other countries are still working on regulating it, but they don’t consider it illegal.

Will Bitcoin continue to lose value as it becomes more available?

As more and more people invest in the cryptocurrency market and buy Bitcoin, it will only become scarcer. More importantly, there is only 21 million of Bitcoins in the world and only 2.1 million are left to be mined. Bitcoin will remain rare because all of the 21 million Bitcoins will be mined in 2140 at the current mining rate.

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